Input Display Adapters (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

Available for 7 consoles! (Windows only)

Plug your controller into the bottom port, the middle port into your console, the top port into your PC. Then run the software and use window capture to show your inputs on stream!

Setup Instruction Document

Works with most controller adapters. Mayflash and Raphnet should be fine. I've tested them with SNES to NES, Gamecube to N64, SNES to Gamecube, SNES to USB, SNES to Parallel, Gamecube to USB, and N64 to USB.

I did not write the firmware or software and I learned how to make them by following EvilAsh25's guide. and by using the same materials and assembly process as my friend hitokage220, who no longer makes them. The price of my adapters is for materials and labour only.
The adapters I make are compact but the casing is made from tape and cardboard. I build them to be sturdy, but if you would prefer stronger casing, or advanced options such as port switching, please contact cdgexe.

If you would like a custom RetroSpy skin, please check out proximitysound's website.

Known Issues:

N64 and Gamecube have mild flickering. You an reduce this by right clicking on the display window. This differs between versions of the Windows software.

Super Game Boy causes SNES inputs to show multiple buttons at the same time, such as L and Select, due to limitations of the SGB. This issue is not present if you use a SNES to GC adapter with a SNES input display for a Game Boy Player.

Order form currently closed due to technical issues.